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I'm Mike Curtis – dad, Senior UX Designer, writer, mentor, and public speaker. My love for design and people connections started in the 90s during high school and continues strong all these decades later.

These are the core beliefs that guide my life and career:

The UX of You: You are an experience just as any digital product or service is an experience. People experience YOU! The greatest advice I can give is to apply your UX skills to the way you're experienced by others.

The You Design System: I believe so strongly in designing the UX of You that I started The You Design System. This Medium publication is a repository of all my learnings, advice, teachings, and methods to help you design the UX of You.

People Before Pixels: Design is greater than one person alone. My career declaration is that YOU are the most important design deliverable. I help others find meaning, growth, progress, joy, and fulfillment in their work.

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I can't wait to connect and follow you on your design journey!

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Mike Curtis

Senior UX Designer / New articles weekly on design & self-improvement / Helping you design the "UX of You" / 22+ years in design, marketing, & sales.